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I purchased your sauce at the exposition last weekend and just wanted to write and tell you I think it's the best hot sauce I've ever had in my life. One of my joys in life is dropping hot sauce on every bite of my morning bacon, egg and cheese. Your hot sauce (Hot to Trot) has changed that game entirely. 

I bought about 7 hot sauces (and several barbecue sauce). Yours was the best by a wide margin and the others were all really good. Thanks so much. And I'll be reaching out to you again once this bottle ends!

- Jeff H. Woodside, Queens

I love Mr. Saucy's gourmet hot sauce because It is perfectly HOT! I tasted Hot to Trot today on my fried oysters at Auntie April's in the Bayview -Hunters Point in San Francisco. I'm from the old school of Crystal Hot Sauce. Mr Saucy's Hot to Trot is NOW MY ONLY FAVORITE! Now I need to locate it in a store. Come to the Bay Area Mr Saucy. Pleeaasseeeee.......  

- Lee Glover H. from Berkeley, CA.

I love Mr. Saucy's Gourmet Hot Sauce because The Tangy Sol Mustard is the best I've ever had. Or in the words of my niece: "It's life changing!" - Kathy B. from Astoria, NY

Dinner tonight is Meatballs with Whole Grain Penna & Spinach in Marinara Sauce.....and topped with Mr. Saucy Gourmet Hot Sauces "Good Luck Garlic" Thanks Bryan. The bold and rich flavor of garlic combined with lime, Serrano and habanero peppers makes this sauce an absolute winner.

- Thank You!

Mr. Saucy has some really true flavors in the sauces. The  "Good Luck Garlic" is a hit. Garlic Hot Sauces are hard to make without tasting like Badia, like some companys make. Mr. Saucy has hit the nail on the head with  "Good Luck Garlic". - Allen Fry from www.twofrys.com 

More Hot Sauce. I purchased a couple of bottles of hot sauce over the summer at Astoria Flea and my Dad LOVED it. I'd love to pick up a few bottles to take home for Thanksgiving.Thanks, Sarah D. 

"I am SO happy I discovered you Mr. Saucy, yeah!! I am a Southern girl now living in New York and while I love the diverse ethnic cuisine you can find in all the boroughs I still enjoy my favorite down home classics with a kick of heat. The thing I love most about your hot sauces, Mr. Saucy, is that they combine spice and seasonings...so I can ditch some of the added seasoning because your hot sauces do it all. Not to mention I'm kind of a health nut and they are free of all the stuff I avoid in foods. Thank you for making such a wonderful product available and I have joined your e-mail list so I can see what else you've got coming up. Mr. Saucy is the best!!!"
-Felicia, New York, NY

"I tried the "Sweet Hot Passion", and it was terrific! Nice and sweet, and just the right level of spiciness for me."
-George, NJ

 "Hey Mr.Saucy I received my hot sauces the other day so far each flavor taste great on everything even Salad! It was definitely worth every penny. Look forward to hearing from me again because I'll definitely be ordering again:-)" -Adukwei, Fredericksburg, VA

"I love Mr. Saucy's gourmet hot sauce because...: The Garlic sauce was so great! It was spicy but not overpowering - I brought it home to my boyfriends family and they all loved it!" -Taylor, New York, NY

 "I heard such great things about your sauces from one of my dear friends, and I can't wait to try them.  I just ordered my bottle yesterday, and I am so excited!" -Kia, Atlanta, GA