Mr. Saucy is a gourmet sauce company that offers everyday food lovers and culinary masters the finest finishing flavors for your favorite meals. Get Saucy with Hot to Trot,Good Luck GarlicSweet Hot PassionLime Boss, Smoky Nights, Flirting Flame, Siesta Fiesta, Laid Back Jack, or Tangy Sol. These will add a dash of spicy deliciousness to every dish from breakfast eggs and potatoes to a dinner of chicken, fish, pork chops or steak and even tofu and vegetables!  Mr. Saucy gourmet hot sauce is made in the USA with fresh peppers, produce and spices - and NO fat,calories, gluten, wheat or GMOs. We are based in New York City in the Queens borough and we ship to customers nationwide.

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About Our Founder

Bryan K. Hall, also known as Mr. Saucy, is a native New Yorker. As an entrepreneur and a father of two daughters, he is inspired by his family's longtime tradition of experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with new twists on classic dishes. When he was a little boy he learned from his father that the magic of delicious dishes is in the sauces and the seasoning.  He also learned by observing full and satisfied family members after a meal, that good food can lead to good quality time with the people you care about the most. 

He launched Mr. Saucy to share these traditions with the world.  His dream is to see friends and family everywhere slow down for just a bit, get together over a tasty meal with a Mr. Saucy kick and experience the simple pleasure of great sauce, good food and good fun!